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Web applications are used often to access internet facilities, like for social networking, seeking information and buying products/services online. Any application employing a website as the interface or front-end can be called a web-based application or web apps. The online shopping portals, instant messaging services, and wikis are all examples of web applications or web apps.

Let’s familiarize ourselves with the importance and benefits of developing & running web applications.


Any user with the help of a standard browser can access the web apps from any computer connected to the Internet. Web application pages are interactive, unlike basic web pages that are pre-formatted.


Web apps find extensive usage for commercial reason in this technology-driven era. Web app plays an instrumental role in the branding process. Distribution of product and or service information can be boosted through this.

Web-based applications help to ease and enhance customer support because if developed and designed efficiently, they have the potentiality to become a credible channel of contact between the organization and the customers.


There are several advantages of using web apps, some of which can be mentioned below-


All personal computers have a browser so no need to install anything extra


Updations can be made easily and quickly


As computing power is derived from the server, expenses on onsite hardware tools can be minimized.


A maximum number of web apps are built using programming languages like CSS, HTML, and Javascript. These web-based languages are quite easy to code in so hassle-free development cycles can be ensured.


The flexibility of access is one of the major advantages of using web applications. Wherever there is internet, one can have access to web apps.

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