“Old is Gold” is not just a casual saying but it has its own appeal that is taken good advantage of by Vintage/Retro logo designers. They have a rustic yet an elegant appeal to a wider spectrum of masses. Vintage logos are witnessed to be widely used by coffee shops, Curvy shapes, minimalist design, and muted colors are the hallmarks of identifying a retro/vintage logo design.

Let us cultivate more useful information about Vintage/Retro logo design and their ability to make a lasting impression on the viewers.


From fashion and artistic viewpoint, ‘retro’ suggests the idea of looking back into the past and picking old yet appealing design styles. They look very unique and attractive, with a touch of sophistication.


Vintage/Retro logo usually comes designed with minimalist artwork and no excessive ornamentation. This makes the logo design look pretty and also simple, which can be remembered and called easily. The main purpose of investing in logos is ensuring proper brand marketing. The easier it will be for the targeted audiences to recognize and remember it, the better marketing tool it will prove to be.

Retro and vintage logo designs are very scalable, time-proof so they will not lose their mass appeal for years to come. These are a few reasons that convince brand owners to go for such a bygone-era style logo design.


Vintage logo design involves artistic typography. If certain design elements are taken into consideration while designing Vintage/Retro, the logo can stand out in the crowd of similar others.


Emphasis on geometric patterns like circles, octagon etc should be made.


Subtle and light color shades work better with Vintage but use bright & bold colors to design Retro logos.


Gradients and textures need to be incorporated into the design judiciously.

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