A logo needs to be versatile enough to be able to work across a diverse range of applications and mediums. A simple and memorable logo design helps to increase the recall value of the brand and also enables the logo to be versatile. A versatile logo design can do justice to one’s various marketing strategies.

Let us understand how professionally perfect logo design can prove to be a crucial and highly rewarding marketing tool-


A brand or company logo appears in both print as well as in digital formats. It will be used on banners, brochures and on the business card, on the business website, in video etc. Sometime it might appear very small also like on pens, hats, mugs and as such small promotional items.

No matter where the logo appears, it needs to have the same impact across all the applications. This is the main objective of designing a versatile logo.


A professional needs considering a few factors while designing a logo. A few of such are as follow-)


It needs to be simple enough for easy recognition without compromising on its distinctiveness.


Brand recall value should be good so it has to be a memorable one as well.


It has to be versatile to work across a diverse range of mediums so it has to be scalable,


It needs to portray the most unique shape with the highest contrast possible.


The logo should look impressive in both colors and without colors. This is an important sign of a versatile logo.

Helps from Libra IT Solutions

We try to understand their branding goals, the products/services they market, their targeted audience and their competitors. All of these help to craft a suitable logo design for our clients that can be run on different mediums and applications. We create a design in black and white only, get it approved and then fill it with colors to ensure its versatility. We specialize in creating simple, memorable, enduring and stunningly gorgeous logo designs for our diverse clients.

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