Brand owners are showing an inclination to Mascot/Cartoon logo design as they personify the brand values and communicate the brand message in the best way possible. This kind of logo design helps a company’s logo (visual symbol) stand out from the crowd and facilitates producing impactful brand recognition.

Let us understand the mass appeal of Mascot/Cartoon logo design and how beneficial it can be for businesses.


A mascot can be described as a representative figure, a visual symbol and can be a marketing tool for an organization. A mascot is basically an appropriately crafted cartoon character with a strong connection to the organization it represents.

Mascot/Cartoon logo design has “time-proof” qualities, which mean it can keep serving the purpose of brand marketing of a company for years to come. It helps in reflecting the core things the company stands for in the most influential way possible.


A brand owner has more than one reason to opt for Mascot/Cartoon logo design, like


It can capture attention and make the company products/services more appealing & desirable.


It helps to reflect the heritage of your business brand and never create any ethnic diversity controversies.


Mascot logo can be used across different media and they look attractive everywhere. It can be used easily both in large and smaller format.


Kids respond faster and better to Mascot/Cartoon logo design. When kids start insisting on buying a certain product, it becomes tough for parents and guardians to ignore them!


Mascots and the cartoon logo design can be crafted as promotional items as well to further fuel the brand marketing campaigns.

Libra IT Solutions

We have worked on several cartoon and mascot logo design projects and have an established track record in the field. We first try to know how and where the logo character will be used and then kickstart the project.

Our graphics experts produce multiple sketches and a few best ones are shared with our clients, for seeking their approval and feedback. We are professionals and never ask for the full amount of the design work up front.

The future is bright.

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