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One of the most mobile responsive, user-friendly open-source content management systems is Joomla! It is available freely. Having a website of your own helps to do self-promotion or online marketing of your business, and this CMS can give you the right to manage your website on your own terms.

Let’s discover how useful it can and why to opt for it.


Joomla is a popular and highly flexible content management platform that helps users to create websites and other robust business applications. This is helpful for individuals who wish to do self-promotion, spread their ideas or messages, do online business or do business promotion.

This is not just used to build, organise and manage websites, but also helps in publishing content for startups, small businesses, non-profit organizations, government organizations across the world.


An array of attractive features are there. Joomla as a CMS is preferred due to the following reasons:


It is mobile-friendly.


It is search engine friendly.


Joomla is multilingual (70+ languages) and features unrestricted designs


This CMS is completely extensible (8,000+ extensions) and customizable.


Multi-user permission levels and in-built two-factor authentications are available.


It has a huge community of users globally scattered.


Cache management is possible that helps Joomla speed up your website.


Article management, editor buttons, tags to structure the content, 15 different custom fields etc., are available.


An array of attractive features are there. Joomla as a CMS is preferred due to the following reasons:


With WYSIWYG editor, users can edit without coding.


All changes made on the website are available with content versioning


Users can add/edit pictures with the media manager.


You can build RSS feed from your web content


It will be good to learn that Joomla is also a lightweight and reliable PHP framework. This helps in writing web and command line applications in PHP, which is a server scripting language that allows designing dynamic and interactive web pages.


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