In this technology-driven era also, the untarnished authentic appeal and the elegance of Hand-Drawn logo has not lost its presence completely. There are still many companies looking forward to hiring the services of logo designers who will manually craft their logo design. They do not require searching too hard as conducting some online research only can help them find reliable hand-drawn logo designers.

Let’s try to understand what can be the benefits of using hand-drawn logo designs in this hi-tech world and how an IT company can help one in this regard.


With pencils and a white paper in the front, hand-drawn logo designing process becomes so fun-filled and ingrained that ideas keep shooting out across the brain and gets a tangible form on the blank sheets readily.

A highly creative and original appearance can be introduced to your website with hand-drawn illustrations and graphics. It helps in casting a better appeal and grabbing the attention of targeted audiences.


Machines are subjected to several kinds of technical issues like some hardware parts may not perform appropriately or the software is not helping the way it is supposed to. Electronic design software used to design logos digitally not always eases the task. Their functionality issues detract the designers and their creative flow gets hindered. This issue does not happen with hand-drawn ones.


Hand lettering is still considered as one of the best techniques for creating distinctive and highly engaging logo designs. Digital logo designers can pick a design from a list of pre-existing fonts that runs the risk of making your logo looks nothing special.

Hand-crafted ones are custom made to represent your business value and distinctiveness.

Libra IT Solutions

We not just excel in the field of digital logo designing but also can produce cute and stunning hand-drawn logo design. We have done such projects for several clients and our past record shows that we successfully submitted our projects on time.

We have quite a few highly creative illustrators and web designers who can help your business logo stand out from those of the competitors.

The future is bright.

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