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Drupal is one of the most popular content management systems available these days. CMS helps one to take control of their own website, with their own terms. One can edit, modify, add content without having any technical knowledge easily. This trusted platform for web content management is highly scalable and flexible.

Let’s understand a few basic essential things about Drupal as a popular WCMS (Website content management system).


Drupal is a free and open source content management system that helps in creating and managing various kinds of websites, even if you know nothing about coding and programing. It is written in PHP and is available under the GNU General Public License. Drupal is useful for knowledge management and for ensuring proper business collaboration as well.

Drupal enjoys a huge community of users and developers, so availing active community support for enhancing the functionality of Drupal is possible.


Drupal possesses a lot many advanced functionalities and numerous features compared to other popular CMSs.


It supports advanced search, multi site and allows content creation and editing in a collaborative manner.


For multiple page themes and content types, Drupal is the best option.


Using it, you can better connect with customers and visitors, regardless where they are.


This is capable to deal with high volume traffic and traffic spikes.


Drupal enjoys easy integration with an array of digital marketing technology & necessary business applications.


Drupal comes featured with an array of basic & useful content management features like:


It supports advanced search, multi site and allows content creation and editing in a collaborative manner.


Drupal helps in creating blogs, comments, books, forums and polls.


This allows users exercise several access control restrictions (IP addresses, email)


Core themes help in personalizing the sites.

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We have considerable experience working with Drupal. We, as CMS service providers, try understanding our client’s business goals, their expectations, competitors before formulating a strategy for them. We enjoy confidence of several happy ex-clients. We offer professional-grade enterprise solution for witnessing web innovation.

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