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Online advertising is a must for reaching out to geographically scattered targeted customers and considering Adwords/PPC for the purpose will be a good marketing decision. This is one of the key types or mediums of digital marketing that helps displaying your website to the potential buyers in the search engine, when they actually search for your product or service.

Let’s go deeper to get a good understanding of what the service is all about and how your company can benefit from it.


AdWords is a PPC program offered by Google, the world’s biggest search engine. It can be described as an online promotional service developed and designed by Google to enable marketers reach their targeted customers on an instantaneous basis. Google AdWords is the single most popular PPC advertising program across the globe.

Users bid on keywords and when a search from the customer is initiated, Google displays the chosen few (bid winners) ads on its search results page. A number of algorithms like the keyword bid size, keyword quality, relevance and design are considered while choosing the winners.


PPC is the acronym of pay-per-click, which is a type of medium of digital marketing in which online marketers make payment to the ad space provider every time one of their ads receives a click. Search engine marketing is one of the most sought after type of PPC.

If brand owners or online marketers can develop and design the ads and landing pages in a thoughtful manner, it would result in a better conversion ratio and cost per sales would be comparitively lower.



The key benefit of using Adwords is that you can reach to the customers who are already looking to buy similar products or services.


Adwords/PPC helps in lead generation, driving sales, maximizing profit-earning scopes better and faster.

Libra IT Solution

Winning a PPC campaign is not easy without professional help. We help our clients with thorough research to select the right keywords and categorize those keywords into well-organized ad groups & campaigns. This way we help setting up appropriately optimized PPC landing pages.

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