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Tighten your grip on your business confidential data security with advanced security management software solution. Password protection is simple but not enough to prevent smart hackers from hacking into your company’s sensitive information. Next level of an advanced security solution is important to keep online threats at bay.

Let us update our knowledge and enhance our understanding of the Advanced Security Management needs and its software solution benefits.


Advanced Security Management is a part of Microsoft Office 365. Within E5 licenses it is available as a standard feature. It provides company owners with 3 high-level security functions and tools that can facilitate in identifying security threats, offers granular controls, and also permits to check on the accesses made on unauthorized sites.

This service is known to employ behavioral analytics to scan through the user behavior to spot suspicious signs (if any) and on finding so, inform the IT administrators about the same.


Advanced Security Management includes the following-


Threat identification– helps with setting up exceptional threat detection policies that alert the company owner of any potential network breaches. It uses behavioral analytics to detect potentially threatening behavior through some indicators like inactive account and sign-in failure.


Better and tighter control– enables the company owner to formulate activity policies to track specific unusual activities like someone in the organization downloading an abnormally high amount of data. One can also create policies to flag risky activities like signing in from a risk-prone IP address.


Deeper insights and discovery– it provides with an app discovery dashboard displaying an organization’s usage of Office 365, in addition to other productivity Cloud services.

How can Libra IT Solutions help?

We can help our clients reap the maximum advantages of the Advanced Security Management service that we provide. We help in enabling advanced security management for Office 365, setting up alerts and policies in the portal, etc.

We can offer a software solution to ensure proper usage monitoring of a large number of different apps. With our help, the IT department of your company can rest assured against unauthorized services and apps.

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